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Collaborative Services

3Nails InfoSec works with you to identify and remediate any holes in your security posture

Are you seeking a dependable cyber security provider for your business? Look no further! Our team has decades of accumulated industry experience, and we proudly offer comprehensive cyber security solutions. Our intuitive and reliable solutions will guard against external threats, ensuring your data is kept safe. Allow us to assist you and witness the exceptional success our customers have achieved.

Adversary Emulation

Blue teaming is a strategy used to monitor and secure an organization’s infrastructure, systems and data. It involves using specialized technology, such as Data protection and compliance solutions, to constantly monitor, detect, and respond to any malicious activity on the network. These solutions assess the vulnerability of systems, including database and web servers, to intrusion and malware, and can provide recommendations to address them. Blue teaming also focuses on strengthening an organization’s overall security posture, by implementing preventive and corrective measures, such as encryption, user access monitoring, and disabling unnecessary services.

Blue Team

Red Team

Red teaming and adversary emulation involve proactive security assessments in which an operation simulates a malicious entity in order to test and improve an organization's defense team. This typically includes activities such as penetration testing, social engineering, exploitation techniques, gap analysis, and adversary tactics. The goal of red teaming and adversary emulation is to realistically test and validate your organization's security posture, while providing valuable insight into potential vulnerabilities and strengths in your current security protocols. Red teaming and adversary emulation are valuable security tools used to identify and mitigate risks that your organization may be exposed to.

Purple Team

Purple teaming is a powerful tool for building an effective security program. Purple teaming involves a collaboration between an organization's defensive teams and its attackers. This type of collaboration allows defenders to reflect upon their own security posture and hone their ability to spot and respond to advanced attacks. Working together, blue and red team members can identify and mitigate potential risks. Additionally, purple teaming benefits organizations by creating a slice of real life training scenarios, helping ensure their security teams are up to date on the latest attack techniques. Purple teaming forges a unified security program that has the ability to detect and stop the most sophisticated threats.

Ongoing Joint Efforts

Service Offerings

Our MSP service offering provides your business with peace of mind. We will monitor, update, patch and maintain all of your IT infrastructure so that system and network related issues are taken care of on time and providing the best performance. This allows you to have more time and resources allocated to business growth, and leaves the technical aspects to us.

For Hire IT Department

Managed Services

Defensive Measures

Reliable, Experienced and Innovative

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At 3Nails, we understand the importance of protecting your business from malicious digital threats. Our team of cyber security experts are committed to securing your business and staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. With decades of experience and a passion for staying ahead of the curve, we have the tools to turn any company into a secure powerhouse. If you're looking for superior protection and peace of mind, come to 3Nails Information Security - where security is our top priority.

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